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What kind of work does Werckpost have?
We are always looking for people who are experienced in the fish industry. If not, we will learn you everything you need to know about the work. Normally it is deposit fish, sort, packing, cutting, freezing, glaze, breading, shovel ice, handling containers (men’s work).

What is Werckpost doing for me when I am going to work for them?
We arrange

  • bsn number
  • bankaccount
  • insurance
  • house
  • transport to work

How is the communication at Werckpost?
Because we are working with more companies, we cannot let you know days before the work what the working times are. Normally the times of the shifts are:
You can always work extra if you want, 2 shifts extra per week is normally no problem.

What do I need to wear?

  • Boots
  • Tabard
  • Hairnet
  • Sleeve protectors

Who will give me everything I need?
Werckpost will help you with all of the things you need for work.

What is forbidden in companies?
When you work in companies with food the following things are forbidden:

  • No make-up
  • No jewelery
  • No nail varnish, short nails

Look carefully what the rules are in the company and keep them. You also sign in Werckpost for these rules. Our special hygienic movie is aimed on these rules also.

How will I write my hours down?
Always take your timesheets to a job. You need to fill in the hours, breaks and total hours. Let the chef sign your hours and bring them not later then next week Monday evening to the office. You also need to write your hours in the cantine for the company or use your tag/ clocksystem.

Can I always reach the coordinators when I have questions?
Normally you can. Sometimes it is also busy for the coordinators but keep calling. When you cannot reach them try calling at the number 06-83532017 (Adam)

What when I am sick?
Contact the following number for the coordinator 06-52605210 and send a message to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. (06-20304989)
For night and morning shift the evening before 21.00 hour
For afternoon and evening the same day before 10.00 hour

When I go to the dentist or doctor, how does it work with Holland Zorg?
You first need to pay the bill of the dentist or doctor. (Take care of the original bill. You need it for your declaration at Holland Zorg)
Go to
then choose for ‘Declaratieformulier pools’ and send this form together with the orginal bill to:
Holland Zorg
Afdeling Declaratie
Antwoordnummer 30
7400 VB Deventer
(poststamp is not necessary)
Normally, within 10 working days they will pay you back.

What is the salary and what else?
The salary depends on your age. In Werckpost you will always get vacation money (8% of your bruto salary) and vacation days (24 per year when you work minimum of 40 hours a week).

When can I get my vacation days and money?
Vacation days you can ask always for them but remember that when you worked already 40 hours that week, it is not possible to get vacation days. Only when you are really free.Vacation money whe always pay it at the end of May/ beginning of June.

When is my salary payment?
The salary payment is normally every week. However, if you are not on time with your timesheets (appearance Monday evening of the next week), you will nog get any salary until you bring your hours.

What if something is not correct with my payment?
Hanna is responsible for this and you can ask your questions on Monday afternoon/ evening at the office.

When I stopped working for Werckpost, when will I get my last payment?
After signing the cancellation letter, you will get within 6 weeks your last payment

To work with us please send your CV to: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

Reside and employment in the Netherlands

Legal residence in the Netherlands
Your passport or ID card issued by a country, is a document confirming legal residence in the Netherlands and the right to do work here.In the Netherlands, everyone must be able to show proof of identity. Therefore, anyone who is over 14 years is obliged to always carry a valid identity document. It can be a passport or identity card.

Employment Employed
Social Security Number (BSN)
To be able to start work in the Netherlands, you must have a social security number.

The obligation to identify themselves
When being employed, your employer will ask you to present a valid proof of identity. The employer is obliged to store a copy of your proof of identity in their records, and you must always be able to identify in the workplace.

Employment by temporary employment agency
The temporary employment agency that will employ you in the Netherlands, must appear in the commercial register of the Chamber of Commerce. You have / You also have the right to check whether the temporary employment agency is certified by Stichting Normering Arbeid. This gives you greater assurance that you are employed through a reliable agency. For more information visit and The employment agency can belong to a professional organization that controls its members to respect the collective labor agreement and gives orders for the quality of their service. More information can be found on pages and

If you are employees of the Dutch company, it means that your salary is paid by the same employer, which is also on your behalf, pays tax and social security contributions. These are deducted by your employer from your gross income, and then discharged. Therefore, your net income is lower than the gross. The employer is obliged to prove the deductions made in the specification of your salary. Most enterprises covered by the collective agreement (CAO). It is the agreement between employers and trade unions in the conditions covered by the contract, which applies to all employers and employees of the industry, and so it is also binding on the foreign workers. CAO determines not only salary, but also allowance (for example; overtime) and statutory working week. Your employer is obliged to pay you a salary and allowance in accordance with the adopted CAO. The applicable rate for people under 23 years is lower than for employees above the age limit. Websites offer more information on this topic.

Health insurance

If you are living or working in the Netherlands, you are legally obligated yourself to take care of the Dutch health insurance. The costs of care practitioner, medicines and hospital care are covered partly from the insurance policy. Even if you are insured in the country of origin, even when an insurance policy bought at an insurance company. The basic insurance package is the same in all societies, but the amount of the premium may vary with different insurers. It enroll as a patient with a GP. By signing up at the doctor's home, obtained a guarantee of access to medical care. In urgent and serious cases, there is also the opportunity to benefit from medical assistance in the evening, night or on weekends. To do this, you must call your GP, who will issue the doctor on duty. In addition, there is a possibility to buy supplementary insurance. Payment of insurance premiums you pay yourself. Children under 18 years of age can be insured free of charge under the policy of their parents. Some employers sign an agreement on group insurance for all their employees, to which you can join. Please ask your employer if such a possibility exists. You should then take care of it, to personally receive the insurance policy and its terms.

Health Service
If you need medical help, you can take advantage of the so-called emergency, which gives the patient the necessary care without a referral. Such assistance shall provide, for example, general practitioners, dentists and physiotherapists. This care is not free, but sometimes (partly) being covered by the health insurance policy. For other types of care, you must first get a referral from the emergency, eg. from the GP.

In the case of a serious injury in an accident or in case of sudden serious illness, you can always get to the emergency department at the hospital. Always bring your health insurance card and proof of identity. 112 is the national emergency number police, fire and ambulance services.


Uitzenden is een prima oplossing als u (tijdelijk) flexibel personeel nodig hebt en tegelijkertijd niet vast wil zitten aan een tijdsbepaling of een contract. Flexkrachten kunnen ingezet worden wanneer u maar wilt en op elke gewenste dag beginnen.

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Bij detacheren is er sprake van een detacheringsovereenkomst tussen de flexkracht en Werckpost en een opdrachtovereenkomst tussen de opdrachtgever en Werckpost. De flexkracht is in dienst van de uitzendonderneming en wordt te werk gesteld bij de opdrachtgever.

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Wanneer u door eigen werving & selectie een nieuwe werknemer aantrekt, maar deze niet op uw eigen loonlijst wilt zetten, kunt u gebruik maken van Werckpost Payrolling. Voordelen: lager tarief, administratieve handelingen, risico's en uitbetaling worden door Werckpost verricht.

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Werving & Selectie

Geeft u er de voorkeur aan een kandidaat van Werckpost direct in eigen dienst te nemen? Ook dat is mogelijk. Wanneer u voor W&S kiest berekenen wij een eenmalige fee die in een keer in rekening wordt gebracht op de dag dat de nieuwe werknemer start.

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