Afwisselende werktijden, (technisch) werken in ploegendiensten en een goed basissalaris. Dat is werken in de industrie. 

Bij onze opdrachtgevers ligt de focus op de maakindustrie. Je houdt je samen met je (internationale) collega’s bezig met verpakken, inpakken en het in elkaar zetten van producten. Werken met verschillende materialen en machines. Van het in elkaar zetten van technische producten of speelgoed, tot het produceren en verpakken. 

Benieuwd naar onze industrie vacatures?

The chain is as strong as the weakest link

Blind faith 

At sea you must be able to fully depend on eachother. A capable crew is crucial to the successfull operation aboard. In Werckpost we know all about that. Management operated its very own cutter for years, both as skipper and as crewmember. That makes you well aware of the importance of competent response.

All taken care of

Werckpost will take care of all necessary visa, insurances, stamps and paperwork. If necessary we provide your housing, training and education. In any case we will take you to your ship ourselves. We think it is important that all is well taken care of. Working with Werckpost is your guarantee for quality. 

Are you looking for seafarer staff?

Werckpost has a very special relationship with the maritime sector. Managing director Geert Post devoted a large part of his life to fishing. As skipper and owner of a cutter. Since 2017 Werckpost provides crewmembers for ships – mainly cutters – sailing under German, Dutch, British, Belgian or Danish flag. In positions, varying from deckhand to mate and engineer. Werckpost knows the rules and regulations and finds the perfect attribution to the existing crew. We will personally bring the people to the ship and take care of all further formalities. 

Get in touch quickly. Via the contact form or call +31 527 748 010. We will gladly be of service.